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University of Kentucky (see About Research) is one of the few universities in the country with a research and teaching campus, and a medical center in one central location. UK research faculty, staff, and students are involved in more than 2,000 externally funded sponsored projects each year in addition to countless numbers of scholarly research projects throughout the university's 16 academic and professional colleges. For descriptions of innovative research being conducted at the University of Kentucky, search the UK Research Digest.


UK Chandler Medical Center is particularly strong in laboratory and clinical research. Clinical Research Trials are the vehicle for getting new medications and treatments to market for millions of people.  Clinical trials are carefully designed to test a medical treatment in people under the supervision of a qualified medical investigator and with the approval of an ethics board called the Institutional Review Board (IRB).  The IRB committee reviews all studies to make sure your rights as a research volunteer are fully protected. Clinical trials are being conducted in a number of therapeutic areas at the University of Kentucky Medical Center.  Search the clinical trials listings to explore open trials and active clinical research groups.  


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